SEO Basics

What is SEO and how can you optimize your website to fit Search Engines requirements?

What is Search Engines Optimization?

When someone accesses to Search Engines like Google and start searching, The search engine looks on its archive that contains a hundred millions of websites/pages and Choose from them what provides content that meets your search.


Then Google ranks those sites that provide content that meets the search process that you have made, as it shows you only 10 results on each page and here comes the role of SEO where the sites always compete to be on the first page for any search you perform.

Because they know that if they are not present on the first page, specifically the first three results, they may not receive visits at all and therefore cannot obtain profits or customers, and for this, the owners of these sites improve them internally and externally so that Google prefers them and shows them in the first results

Why do you have to care about SEO?

The sites that occupy the first three places in Google on the keywords that their audience is searching for achieving great profits, whether from the ads that they include within their site or by selling paid products and services.

Therefore, if you are serious about your new site and want to get real profits, you must master the various SEO applications that we will share in this guide in detail. All you need to do is read and apply directly.

Choose the right domain

The domain is the link that users type inside their browsers to reach your site so you must choose a domain that is easy to save and write in order your followers to enter your site easily, for example, domain: MOUSTAIDE.COM is a domain that is easy to save due to the limited number of letters.

Paid domains or free domains?

There are many free domains, such as or, etc., and they are suitable for those who are having their first experiences on the Internet for the purpose of learning and gaining experience only, but if you are serious about your business on the Internet you must get a paid domain where these are The step is the first step towards creating a successful business on the Internet.

Also, free domains take a long time until Google begins to trust them, as thousands of free domains are created daily, which makes it necessary for Google to put it in the waiting area for a period until it verifies it and makes sure that it provides useful content to users and is well-optimized for search engines, but when we go to paid domains it is a period This wait is much shorter, which helps you rise faster in the search engines.

Website design and response with mobile devices

Your new site should be responsive to all devices. This means that when I browse it from the laptop it should display well and without problems. The same should happen when I browse it from a mobile phone or tablet.

Whenever you create a new site, you must choose a responsive template or go to a website designer to design a new design for your site, bearing in mind that it is well responsive to all screen sizes that display the site.

Also, you should make sure that the mobile phone version of your site is fast downloading, as the user who is browsing the Internet from the mobile phone tends quickly if he finds a site that is slow to browse or download and may leave it and go to another site.

Add your site to Google

You can add your new site to Google directly after launching it on the Internet, and you can do this by following only two steps:

  1. Add your site to Google Search Console
  2. Create a sitemap (You can use this tool)
  3. Add the sitemap to your Google Search Console account

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