How to Get rid of Spammy comments

Hey pros, today I will show you how to get rid of the spammy comments from your WordPress website. before we go through the process I will discuss the origin of the word SPAM, and explain the technique that will we use in this lesson.

If you are here looking only for the solution, you can just scroll down or click on the menu below. Ready? let’s go…

  • What is SPAM?
  • From where the word spam come from?
  • What is Honeypot technique
  • The Solution

What is SPAM?

Spam in simple words is a type of unwanted communication on the Internet. There are many forms of spam and the most common are e-mail SPAM, called JUNK, and on the other hand the Comment SPAM.

From where the word spam come from?

The word “spam” is a brand name for a piece of meat that was marketed by the company Hormel Foods, which is a vehicle of SPiced hAM, which means spiced pork. In selling spam pork chops and entering one of the customers, this poor customer tries to order something other than spam suddenly a lot of noise in the restaurant and they start singing loudly “spam spam spam …“. So much so that he no longer hears his request. The authors of this type of message and comment are called spammers, which is a derogatory word!

However you are a blogger, website owner, you may be suffering from SPAM comments and unwanted emails that come from your website form, I have the solution for you, it’s called Honeypot technique.

What is Honeypot technique

honeypot is a simple HTML field added to the form that the users can’t see due to CSS or JavaScript (which hides the field) but the robot did, so if the hidden field returns any value, then the form was filled by a robot, not by a human. in the end the comment or the message will be ignored.

Honeypots are awesome because they don’t inconvenience users like a captcha and they are a valid tool for thwarting spambots.

How to implement in WordPress comment?

Simple plugin to handle the spam comments in WordPress comment, just install it. there is no settings to setup and require nothing from you.

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