8 SEO trends you don’t want to ignore in 2023

As brand-new businesses emerge each day, the competitors for the reader’s attention increases. Staying up to the latest SEO trends will get you the requirements needed to rank high in the search results.
Google makes hundreds of modifications to its search algorithms every year. While most modifications are small, they could impact your search ranking.
In this article you’ll discover the 8 trends you don’t want to ignore in 2020.

1. Voice search: People search how they speak

” Google, can you find the closest taco place near me?”
There were 33 million voice search queries in 2017 alone. Information from March 2019 programs that 20% of mobile queries are voice searches.
As voice search ends up being more popular, more individuals will type search queries the very same method they speak.
Notice that the majority of these search inquiries are long-tail and really specific? Users want a precise answer to the precise question they asked.
Users who search long-tail keywords are in the consideration stage and are more likely to convert than someone in the awareness phase.
Bullet lists Increase your opportunities of ranking for voice queries, and the majority of voice inquiries are local. For this reason, optimize your site for local SEO.

2. Featured snippets will continue to control search engine result

A featured bit is a summary of a response to a search query. Google displays it at the top of the SERP result, above paid and natural advertisements.
They’ve been around for a couple of years and have led to major changes in Google’s search engine result page. Since users get the answers directly from SERPs, almost half of all searches result in no clicks.
The solution ? Go for question-based search questions and keywords. Use suggestions from the “people also searched for” section.. as it provides insight on associated questions for a more extensive answer.

3. More marketers will turn to influencers for SEO

17% of companies spent over half of their entire marketing budget on influencers. The stats highlight the importance of influencer marketing for companies. (Particularly those in style, beauty, ecommerce, lifestyle, and travel).
Online users are tired of ads. They are trying to find genuine info they can trust. Many times, the source of that details are reviews from influencers. They are more likely to trust information from an influencer than an advertisement.
So, what’s the relationship between influencer marketing and SEO? Working with an influencer generate more traffic for your website and improve your online presence.
Many businesses don’t see the ROI in influencer marketing.. Just because they plan or execute their sponsored content inappropriately to their audiences needs.
To get one of the most value, partner with influencers in your niche who already engage with your target audience. The backlinks you get from influencer sites also show authority to Google and boosts your SEO efforts.

4. BERT is here to stay

BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) makes it possible for anybody to train their own question answering system. This is the first major modification Google has made to its search algorithm because RankBrain in 2014.
BERT will affect one in 10 inquiries. SEO experts who use BERT designs increase their opportunities of ranking on the very first page for featured snippets in Google SERP.
BERT will have one of the most impact on conversational inquiries where prepositions like “to” and “for” matter to the meaning of the search question.
Just to clarify, you can’t enhance for BERT. Google uses BERT to improve its understanding of natural language.
You can optimize for the intent behind search questions since intent matching is vital to creating effective content.
Before writing copy, evaluate the leading 10 content ranking on the very first page of SERP for that specific keyword. Is the result informational, navigational or transactional? Produce content that matches the user’s intent based on your analysis.

5. People will want digital experiences

44% of businesses have relocated to a digital-first approach to improve consumer experience. Whereas, 56% of CEOs said the improvements led to earnings development.
Page load speed is an important ranking factor. Great content means nothing if your website takes a long time to load or have a complicated interface.
Focus your user experience on assisting clients find the information they need. Make it simple for visitors to continue to the next step.
To offer the best UX, you’ll need to use the visitor’s shoes to identify roadblocks that cause bad experiences. Lack of clearness in your messaging also increases the bounce rate and affects your website’s SEO.

6. Video will be the new king of content

Google enjoys video. It’s a crucial part of your SEO method and digital marketing efforts. According to a Forrester Research study, video is 50 times more likely to reveal up on the first page of SERP than a website with plain text. 62% of Google universal searches consist of video.
Produce practical YouTube videos that support existing content on your site. It’s not a guarantee for first page results but you’ll take pleasure in greater traffic when Google indexes your video.
Embed videos on your site to get more traffic. Keep in mind to enhance your video to your blog’s width. Add copy on the page to help Google comprehend what your video content is about.

7. Content length will affect search rankings

High quality content can help you beat the competitors and rank #1. However you will likewise have to consider quantity alongside quality.
There’s a great deal of arguments around the perfect length of a post. Research reveals that the typical length of the leading 10 results is at least 2,000 words. That’s due to the fact that websites with long-form, top quality content delight in more visibility.
It can’t be all fluff, though. Your content should completely answer the question related to the search as well as any related questions or concerns. Lengthy posts increase the time your visitors spend on the website, which informs Google that users enjoy your content. You develop authority and Google increases your ranking for the search query.

8. Mobile search will continue to take over

87% of internet users are on cellphones and 40% of transactions occur on mobile. Google relocated to mobile-first indexing on the 1st of July 2019 to enhance the mobile search experience.
You can’t get far on search engine results if you have not optimized for mobile. It’s not limited to responsive design, think in terms of rich snippets. 
If you have actually optimized for voice search, you have actually likewise enhanced for mobile. Incorporating long-tail keywords for on-page SEO, customize the content structure and representation for technical SEO.


SEO is a moving target thanks to constant algorithm updates.  It’s always important to continuously improve your SEO and your SEO strategy. Plan for the long-term and adjust your plans as necessary. Today’s SEO is a holistic process that needs a well defined strategy with implementation and monitoring.

If you want your business to keep growing in this fast-changing digital world without worrying about it. Book your free consultation call and let us help.

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