7 Tips to help you choose an SEO friendly CMS that supports your SEO strategy

Your website is an important component in your online presence. And so picking the right content management system (CMS) is a vital choice, both for your SEO strategy and your overall digital marketing efforts.

What should you look for in an SEO-friendly CMS?

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On-page SEO is still a leading natural ranking aspect. The capacity to enhance certain aspects of the web page- Page title, URL, meta summary, headings, as well as photo alt text – is crucial. You additionally wish to guarantee that code is as tidy as workable.
What else should you be searching for in a CMS to sustain your SEO strategy?

1. WYSIWYG– “What You See Is What Get”

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A WYSIWYG CMS is one that allows a developer to see what the end result will look like while the interface or document is being created.

Having a WYSIWYG CMS ensure that it’s convenient for all team members. While many marketing experts have coding fundamentals, you don’t want a CMS that is so complicated to use.

2. Loading Speed

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Google give a huge importance for your website speed and the fact that every single second of delay can cost you a 7% reduction in conversions, you can’t afford to get this one wrong. A quick-loading CMS is so important for your website speed optimization to be more successful.

3. Workflows and collaboration 

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Just how user-friendly is your content workflow? You’re throwing away valuable time if you’re having to track revisions and control permissions in other softwares.

4. Mobile optimization

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Today, over 40% of on the internet purchases take place on mobile as well as 87% of net individuals get on smartphones. Google acknowledges the value of mobile to customer experience, a lot that the online search engine applied mobile-first indexing since July 1, 2019.

5. Purpose-built functions

ecommerce business store

These will certainly differ based on your type of business and unique needs. If you’re selling online, for instance, you’ll need an ecommerce CMS with the capacity to include hundreds or hundreds of items, specify the features customers make use of to look your stock, and also modify product groups in batches.

6. Crawlability

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Your CMS should include standard features to support crawlability and indexing including canonical tags, meta robots control, automatic RSS generation, and security features.

7. Content optimization

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Built-in content optimization capabilities enable your team to meet searcher demand in real-time with SEO recommendations based on search data. 


Person Playing Chess strategic decision making

Remember that the choice of the CMS is a strategic decision that should align with your overall digital marketing strategy as well as your business goals, sure you can switch CMS later but it’s smarter to pick the right one from the start.

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